Thursday, February 28, 2008

B-Boy Redneck?

So there are several "Sweet Home Country Grammar" videos floating around on Youtube, none of them finger me as the refixer. Im actually kinda glad that im not credited as there are quite a few racist and over protective Skynyrd fans out there. Check out this one conferderate flag masked revolver toting responce. At first i was friggin freaked out by the gun and all but as it turns out hes a progressive Redneck. Look at this video then go to Youtube and search "sweet home alabama Vs. country grammar".Read some of the comments on the videos they're crazy!!! If you feel like it scold them if they didnt credit the remixer.

Just found the Guitar Hero Hack for "SHCG"

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  1. To: skynyrdrebellioni thought your freaky vid was great.. dont get your union jack boxers in a bunch. i actually think you are cool. im just a dj who likes both skynyrd and nelly. obviously you are enjoying what i refixed so lets just leave it at that. my point with the track was to take a racist white southern group and mix them with a prolific black rapper from the south. i had no idea it would raise such ire but truthfully im glad it does as long as it brings us all closer together.